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Bradley Waldrop

Bradley Waldrop

Business Consultant, Author, Podcast Host, Copywriter, Academic Industry Advisory, Registered Professional Engineer, and Eagle Scout

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I’m NOT a Jack of All Trades. But, when you hire me, you do get a triple threat against the competition. You get an entrepreneurial mind that’s always helping you find the next best opportunity to grown. You also get 30-years of business management and operations skills that range from retail to non-profit to professional services. And, the final threat? You get to borrow my innate ability to find a marketing message designed to sell more of your products and services. And, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you… I’m NOT a graphic designer. I’m an engineer that has a tough time drawing a straight line with a ruler. I’m NOT an accountant. I don’t pretend to know everything there is to know about business finance, business loans, going public, or tax law. (Speaking of Law) I’m NOT an attorney! I can read my own contracts and understand most of what’s needed, but I (like you) have to rely on someone else to help me get through the nuances and legal implications that plague our business. I’m NOT afraid of new challenges. It’s the way we all learn. But, learning is impossible without making mistakes. So, if you ask me to learn on your project, I may make some mistakes. But, I’m here to learn from those mistakes, correct those mistakes and move past them. I’m NOT… – I’m sure there are a million things I am not. So, this list may grow more and more over time. We shall see!

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